3 Reads to Inspire Personal Growth

Hello friends, I hope you all are doing well lately! I can’t believe we’re already in December, and Christmas time will be here before we know it. Prior to winter, you could find me on my porch with my fur babies, journaling/writing and reading all the books I can get my hands on. Now that it’s wintertime, I can’t help but reflect on some of the books I’ve read this year. I’m not so much an in-depth book reviewer… because I want everyone to form their own opinions, by themselves. I’ve kept this post short and sweet for you, and hopefully these reads will inspire you to pick up a good book! Today, I want to share with you 3 Reads to Inspire Personal Growth, which I am currently reading. Lets dive in!


+Own Your Every Day by Jordan Lee Dooley

I’m a huge huge fan of Jordan’s and her book has been my absolute favorite. The only thing I really wanted for Christmas this year, was the pre-order of her new book coming out in April. Own Your Everyday is one of those books you’ll be going back to, for a lifetime. It’s a little self-helppy, which I adore. The book is an empowerment book, here to teach you how to take control of your life, and love every minute of it. Something I love about Own Your Everyday, is that it feels familiar. Jordan’s unique voice and perspective makes it feel like a friend is casually giving you advice…. and calling you out (which I love, btw.) If you’re looking for a solid self improvement book, that feels fresh and new, be sure to grab it on your next Target run.



+The Daily Stoic by Ryan Holiday

This is my daily read, each and every morning. My morning routine has been rather chaotic as of late, but this book is something I always strive to pick up. The Daily Stoic gets you centered, and is less than half a page a day. This book revolves around stoicism, and how to keep your mind sharp. I love reading books with practical life lessons, and this book is no exception. The Daily Stoic contains a meditation for each day of the year, and space where you can journal, or leave blank. These meditations always get me thinking deeper in the morning, and sets the tone for a more positive day ahead.


+Choose Wonder Over Worry

One thing everyone knows about me, is how much I over-analyze, and worry….hence why I picked this book! I’m on a constant mission to improve, and grow. If you’re a chronic worrier like me, you need this book. Amber Rae writes everything you NEED to hear, to move on with your life. I also love that there is a journaling section within the pages, and various journal prompts, that lead to self discovery. If you’re looking to truly improve your mindset, and quit worrying, you need to get your hands on this read.


What have you been reading lately? Share with me

Hey friend–I’m Laura, the Writer behind This Northern Native

Hey friend–I’m Laura, the Writer behind This Northern Native

A lifestyle + wellness blog, This Northern Native is a place to come for major realness. I deliver raw, honest content created for those who value becoming the happiest & healthiest versions of themselves possible, and share a love for New England living.