4 Tips to Help You Stay Hydrated During The Busiest Time of The Year

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Can you all believe we are almost half way through November? I’m still in such belief it’s that time of year again… which could only mean one thing: I am constantly on the go. From balancing my workload, juggling relationships, this blog of mine, and trying to stay sane through the holiday season, it can be tough to stay healthy and hydrated throughout the busiest time out of the year. Lately I’ve been slacking off on my water intake, and notice a huge change in my overall energy when I don’t hit my regular water intake goals. And now that it’s officially the “holiday season” it’s more important than ever to be sure you’re taking the best care of yourself possible. I know it can be a challenge to drink colder beverages, especially during the colder months, so today I’m sharing with you all a few of my personal tips to Stay Hydrated in The Busiest Time of The Year.



4 Tips to Help You Stay Hydrated During the Busiest Time of The Year


Start Early in the Morning

I’m going to be 100% honest here: it’s so important to hydrate in the morning before drinking a cup of java. The Mayo Clinic recommends we drink 6.3 cups of liquids a day, when the average person struggles to meet half of that intake. I know it can be tempting to drink two cups of coffee to wake up, but opt for water instead. If you’re someone who likes to set water-intake goals like me, drinking water before you do anything else in the AM will put you on track to meeting your goals. Not only will you feel refreshed by guzzling down some H20 your body truly needs, you may even feel more awake and drink less coffee as a result. When you begin to prioritize hydration first thing in the morning, eventually it will become a habit in your daily life.



Hit up Target + Stock Your Fridge

The easiest way to stay hydrated throughout the day, is by being prepared and having all of the essentials on hand. Dustin and I go on weekly Target runs to get our fridge stocked for our busy week ahead, which leaves us more time on our weekend to do what we truly love. The easiest way to ensure we stay hydrated in the hustle and bustle of everyday life is by opting to fill our fridge full of our favorite water: smartwater®  we love it because is chock full of electrolytes and has the purest taste. There’s just something about the taste I crave, that always leaves me feeling refreshed after drinking. By keeping your refridgerator stocked at all times full of your favorite water is a no fail way to stay hydrated all day long.



Pack The Right Essentials

Real talk: Would you ever leave the house without your everyday essentials stocked in your purse? I bet I know your response to this! Whatever is on your agenda for the day, a good way to ensure you stay hydrated is to pack the right essentials in your purse. I never leave the house without my smartwater® in hand, that to me, would be a big no-no. You never know what the day may throw at you, so it’s important to always stay prepared. Even if you’re running errands, hitting up Target, or going holiday shopping, you never know how long you’re going to be out and about, or stuck in traffic. That’s why you should always bring water wherever you travel, to ensure you’re staying hydrated in your busy day to day life. Now that it’s officially the busiest time of year, make sure you’re making your overall health and wellness your #1 priority, even if it’s forming small, daily habits to keep you healthy, and hydrated.



Set Reminders + Track Your Intake

If you’re a Type-A gal, and need that extra structure in your life, utilize that smart phone and set reminders throughout the day! I find it’s so much easier to have a “goal” set, and track my water intake throughout the day. One of my no-fail ways to surpass my water intake goal is by jotting down how much water I need to drink on a sticky-note, and keeping it near me as I work, for that constant reminder. Just strategically setting my bottle of water in front of me as I work always helps to remind me to take a sip throughout my busy day, along with my trusty stick-note method. Regardless of what you’re doing, you could always set mini alarms on your phone throughout the day to remind you to drink more water, to ensure you’re getting the recommended amount of water each day. Finding what works for you, is key.


How do you prioritize staying hydrated? What are some ways you’re taking extra care of yourself this holiday season? Share with me in the comments below!

Hey friend–I’m Laura, the Writer behind This Northern Native

Hey friend–I’m Laura, the Writer behind This Northern Native

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