5 Outdoor Date Ideas for Fall

From September – November, you can find me doing any and every fall activity around. Fall is my favorite time of year, and something I look forward to, even in July. I feel grateful to live in New England, where Fall is alive and full of color. While I love the other seasons, there is something special about the leaves changing, and the transition from one season to the next. Fall is a beautiful time to bundle up, and get outdoors. Whether you love the great outdoors or not, in order to soak up all that Fall has to offer, it’s almost essential. While there are many ways to enjoy the season, it’s even better shared with a loved one. Just recently, fall has been in full swing here in New England, so we went hiking in some of our favorite places (see below!) Today, I’ll be sharing 5 of my favorite outdoor date ideas to partake in, during these months.

5 Outdoor Date Ideas for Fall


Fall picnic

Picnics are something I wish people would do more often, instead of traditional dates. Nowadays you see couples consumed by their phones at restaurants, which is never a good look TBH. Instead of dropping $50-100 out to dinner, craft your own meal, bring a blanket and sprawl out under the sun/stars. I love the idea of a fall picnic for a few reasons 1) the foliage, and crisp scent in the air 2) the bugs are MIA 3) gorgeous sunsets/views all around 4) cozy blankets



Get in the spirit

Wherever you live, there are bound to be countless fall activities going on. Fall activities truly are for everyone and for any age. Chances are, there are plenty of outdoor fall activities happening around your neighborhood. Do something truly festive, like pumpkin picking, or apple picking. Make a day out of it by spending the rest of your time outdoors either carving the pumpkins, or sampling hard cider. Again, there are TONS of fall activities that will help you get in the spirit.


Go on a fall hike

Fall hikes are my favorite, for countless reasons… 1) again, bugs are MIA 2) cooler temperatures 3) the ground tends to be more solid 4) foliage Need I say more? You don’t have to be a full on experienced hiker to enjoy a nice hike. Start by visiting All Trails to find a trail near you, where you can find hikes from easy/moderate to challenging. If you’re not feeling up for a challenge, you can always go on a light walk where the foliage is. For a date you wont forget, pair it with cider/hot cocoa or seasonal coffee. 



Visit a fair

When fall hits, you can bet there will be a fair to follow. Living in New England we are surrounded by various fairs during the fall months. A fair is a great date idea for a few reasons… 1) unique foods 2) rides – if you’re into that 3) all of the lights at night 4) animals It’s good to mix it up and walk around, and try new things together. If you haven’t been on a ride in ages, try it. Go on the Ferris wheel, or something that’s unfamiliar territory. Trying new foods is always fun, especially when you can share with someone else.


Wander around somewhere new

Pick a town, or even a different state to wander around. Make sure it’s a place you’ve never been, and try not to research. It makes exploring way more fun when you haven’t looked anything up! If you can, do very minimal research. Find a town with beautiful foliage, and jump in the car. Make sure to bring a camera, to create lasting memories. When you visit a brand new place with your significant other, it creates a bond that’s unexplainable. When you’re on your way home, talk about all the cool sights/tastes/and experiences you shared.



What are your favorite fall activities? Share with me in the comments below!

Hey friend–I’m Laura, the Writer behind This Northern Native

Hey friend–I’m Laura, the Writer behind This Northern Native

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