5 Places to Visit in Acadia National Park

One of my husband and I’s favorite places to visit in Maine is Acadia National Park, for so many incredible reasons. Surprisingly enough, we even had our first “couples photo shoot” there, and since then, we’ve fallen in love with the park. Since we’ve been living in Dallas for nearly three years, we hadn’t gotten the chance to go back, and decided to make a trip. On April 7th, the day before my birthday we decided to get up fairly early, and make the trek to Acadia National Park. Traditionally, we would go later in the day, and watch the sunset on Cadillac Mountain, but due to it being the “off season” we knew we wouldn’t be able to drive up Cadillac Mountain. For those of you who haven’t heard of Acadia National Park, and all of it’s beauty, I will be sharing a few key places everyone MUST check out if visiting.


Must Visit Spots in Acadia National Park



Park Loop Road

The easiest way to see most of Acadia? Driving the 27 mile loop, located on Park Loop Road. Depending on when you visit Acadia, you should be able to access this road. Regardless, if you’re visiting the park, be sure to check the website for road closures. There’s nothing better than a drive among the rocky shores, while listening to your favorite tunes. If you go on the loop, it will lead you to a few key points on this list, including Thunder Hole. Be sure to know, cell phone service is spotty, but the views are what deserve your true attention.



Sand Beach

We love Sand Beach for a few obvious reasons… it’s absolutely gorgeous. Firstly, who doesn’t love a beach that’s sandwhiched between the rocky shores and mountains? Secondly… the water is an unreal shade of blue/green. It’s one of those things that you just have to see with your own eyes to believe it really exists. We love visiting Sand Beach year round, but this time, we took our dog, Odin. For you dog owners out there, you can bring your dog until June 1st to the beach, but no later. This beach is the perfect place to rest your bones after exploring, and have a picnic on the beach, but beware of the seagulls!


Cadillac Mountain

Cadillac Mountain is the real superstar of Acadia National Park (don’t even try to argue with me). It is accessible by car, but you can also hike up the trail in the off season. This location attracts many visitors, and is a popular destination in the park. The views are unreal, as it’s the highest point on the East Coast in the United States. I highly suggest visiting Cadillac Mountain October – March, as it’s the first place the sun touches when it rises in the Unites States, making is quite the sight to see. That statement has to be followed with this: the sunrise/sunset is UNREAL, on Cadillac Mountain. My husband and I debated on getting married on Cadillac at sunset because of it’s intense beauty. If you’re dying to see on the most gorgeous sunrises/sunsets, visit Cadillac Mountain, you wont be disappointed.


Thunder Hole

Thunder Hole is a rather easy spot to get to in the park, as it has stairs, and a low incline. This is always a hotspot for tourists, but on a calm day, you might not be able to find many people around. Thunder Hole gets its name, because when the sea hits the rocky shore, in a “hole” it creates the sound of thunder. The sound is unreal, and so hard to duplicate, unless you’re listening to thunder, of course. On a calm day, this spot is still a sight to see, and so gorgeous, too. This is one of those spots you must put on your list when visiting the park.


Any of the trails

There are SO many trails in Acadia National Park, that are just waiting for you to explore, filled with hidden gems at every corner. It’s so hard to know which trails deserve your attention, when everywhere you look if filled with immense beauty. Acadia is one of those places you can drive to almost every “hot spot” so you should be able to put a few hikes on your agenda. If you’re going at it solo, or with a family, there is a hike for you. Acadia is the perfect place to spend the day exploring, hiking, or even having a picnic. While there are so many amazing places and sights to see, it can be refreshing and even rejuvenating to warm up your muscles on a hike, to slow your mind down and unwind.



Have you visited Acadia National Park? What is your FAVORITE park you’ve visited? Share with me in the comments below!

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