5 Reasons Why We Chose a Destination Elopement

Before I share my wedding story with you all, I wanted to dive deep into the subject of weddings, as well explain why we chose to have a destination elopement. There are so many options when it comes to weddings. Will you have a big wedding, a small one? Will you elope in Vegas? Is there a first look involved? Weddings are so so beautiful, but also…incredibly stressful. When I became engaged, I thought I would easily get married in Maine, there was just no other option for us. Shortly after becoming engaged, we quickly transferred our jobs to Texas, and we realized we would have to wait to get married until we moved back home. After about six months of living in Dallas, Dustin and I just didn’t want to wait any longer to be husband and wife, we were just ready for the next step in our relationship. We then began planning our destination wedding/elopement. Today I will be sharing 5 Reasons Why We Chose a Destination Elopement.

5 Reasons Why We Chose a Destination Elopement

1. Much less stressful than a traditional wedding – Weddings are uber stressful, and I just didn’t want to take the chance of possibly becoming a “bridezilla”. I knew from just looking at Pinterest trying to decide on colors, a theme, all of those little details I instantly became overwhelmed. I also knew my friends and family were almost two thousand miles away and couldn’t truly help me with the process, so I quickly looked at all of my options. I knew I didn’t want to go through with a normal “elopement” in a court house or somewhere in Vegas, it just wasn’t my style (no offense to those who’ve done it themselves) it was too simple, and too short.

2. The price factor – Weddings nowadays are absolutely RIDICULOUS, it’s nuts how expensive everything comes out to be. I knew since I was a little girl I did not want a giant wedding, I wanted small, intimate and special, surrounded by my closest friends and family. Since Dustin and I are living in Dallas, a million miles away from home- or so it feels like some days, we decided the cheapest way to pull off our dream day, we had to travel, just a bit, but Maine was just out of the question for us. We wanted so badly to get married back home in Maine, but we knew that would mean waiting a year or two before becoming married, and we truly didn’t want to wait much longer. Also, planning a wedding from that far away was also just super stressful to me. We wanted something small, inexpensive, but also a day that suited our spontaneous, adventurous taste.

3 It took me four days to plan, no joke. When I quickly jumped on the idea of having an elopement, Dustin was all in. After deciding it was what we truly wanted to do, we began researching, calling our families, and just sorting everything out. Within four days, we locked in our AirBnb, had a small guest list, chose a location, and BOOM! Also, fun fact – I didn’t plan on having a photographer because of how expensive it was. It wasn’t until a friend of mine on Facebook asked who my photographer would be, and when I said I didn’t have one due to price, I had a message pop up in my inbox. A woman said we were far too cute to not have wedding photos and made us the most incredible offer we couldn’t refuse. We then had a photographer booked, and everything was planned!

4. I wanted our wedding to be what “we” wanted, and be able to spend more time with each other on our big day. For me personally, I wanted our day to be super intimate because I wanted to celebrate what truly mattered: us becoming husband and wife of course! I didn’t want to spend hours entertaining, chatting, and dancing, I just wanted to be surrounded by my loved ones, and share a beautiful meal together, and just enjoy everyone’s company.

5. It was the most beautiful adventure we could plan, and truly reflected who we are as a couple. Dustin and I knew we wanted to have a wedding, as well as a “honeymoon” but we quickly realized we would rather do everything all in one. We then realized, a traditional wedding didn’t embody who we were as individuals, but a destination elopement absolutely did. We got to go on an adventure with the ones we love, and share the most precious moment of our relationship surrounded by mountains, and sunshine. We also loved the fact we got to be in a new place, and be able to go on our honeymoon the very next day.

So there you have it, five honest reasons why we chose to have a destination elopement. In a later post, I will share our wedding story, as well as plenty of photos. Are you married, or are planning a wedding? Have you considered eloping? Share your story with me!

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