5 Sunday Tasks That Will Improve Your Life

I’m a firm believer in Sundays being a day of rest…. and productivity. I love sleeping in, and waking up slowly, but I love starting my week off on a positive note, and having everything flow smoothly a little bit more. While rest is essential, I firmly believe in packing my Sunday with a mix of relaxation, and easy tasks to help set my week up for success. Some days I don’t even chip away at my never ending to-do list, others, I do a mix, to help reset myself for the upcoming week. Every one’s Sunday routine can look a bit different, so today, I’m sharing five things I always do on Sundays that will improve your life.


5 Sunday Tasks That Will Improve Your Life


Rise early

In order to make the most of Sunday, get up extra early. Sure, we all love to sleep in, and rest, but who doesn’t love to get things done? I’m a big believer in balance. Some days, you might need to sleep in, and get your day started a little later, which is perfectly fine. On Sundays, challenge yourself to wake up a little earlier, and begin your day taking stock of what you need to accomplish that day. Getting up earlier allows you extra time in your day, to focus on whatever is on your agenda.


Make a to do list 

Saturday, if you have a spare minute, craft a to do list for Sunday. Write down your agenda for the day, but we sure to allow a good chunk of time for rest. While Sundays are typically days of rest in most households, a to do list keeps you on task, so you’re more able to focus on the things you must get done. A list of chores and obligations may seem daunting to tackle on a Sunday, but just keep it short. Stick to just a few tasks, nothing major, so you’re able to get whatever you need done, while still prioritizing downtime.


Meal prep 

Whatever you do for work, whether you stay home or not, meal prepping can save you a whole bunch of time throughout the week. Even if you stay home, simply planning your meals for the week, and making sure you’re stocked up on groceries, can make everyone’s lives easier. If you’re like me and work full time, and rarely have a spare minute to whip up a meal when you get home from work, try your hand at meal prepping. My husband and I love to meal prep our lunch/dinner for the week on Sunday, so that we always have a healthy meal on hand. Meal prepping not only saves time throughout your week, it saves you money, and prevents you from buying random things on your way home from work.


Set intentions / goal set

Sundays for us, in our home, is a day where we like to get prepared for the rest of the week. We tend to get household chores done, meal prep, and reset ourselves for the week ahead. On Sundays, the one thing I will always prioritize, even if it’s less than five minutes, is to goal set. Goal setting / setting intentions for the new week is crucial, to maximize the effectiveness of your normal day to day life. By reflecting on Sunday on the past week, you can effortlessly set new intentions for the upcoming week, to ensure you’re meeting your goals. You don’t need to spend an hour on this simple task, and it can be done anywhere. On your commute, wherever you’re going on Sunday, reflect on this prior week, and figure out what you can do differently in the upcoming week. Maybe you missed a workout, or maybe you simply didn’t have enough time in your morning routine to read your favorite book. Whatever it is, take the time out to reflect, and set your intentions for the upcoming week, so you’re making the most out of your time each day.


Turn off your devices & disconnect 

When you first roll out of bed, I know it’s so tempting to check your phone. Maybe you’re waiting on an important email, or text from your coworkers, whatever it is… it can wait. As soon as you wake up, it’s so important to set the tone of your day. Remember, this is your morning, and it’s your time to focus on YOU. Regardless of your situation. whether you work 50+ hours a week, or have a million things going on at home, make your mornings “yours.” Start this by rising early, before you have to get any type of work done, disconnect from electronics, and pay attention to what your body needs. No time? try waking up earlier each day, so you can allow yourself to do more each morning, whether that’s journaling, meditating, or crafting a healthy breakfast.


Whatever you’re filling your Sunday with, make sure you’re taking time to yourself. While getting yourself situated and in a good headspace for the upcoming week is important, it’s also of importance to listen to your body. You may find after you wake up extra early and knock out a few things on your agenda, you’re exhausted. Make sure you’re listening to your body, and shifting your plans as needed. Sundays are one of those magical days where sometimes you’re productive, and sometimes, a long shower and a self care day is all you need to reset for the week. Whatever helps you reset and get on track for the week, do that thing, and do it often.


What do you do on Sundays that help you life a better life? Share with me in the comments below!


Hey friend–I’m Laura, the Writer behind This Northern Native

Hey friend–I’m Laura, the Writer behind This Northern Native

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