Adjusting to Homeownership + Life Updates

Hey friends, it’s been a minute since I’ve had a chatty, life update post, so here goes… Back in July, our lives drastically changed. We became HOME OWNERS! We still can’t believe we own our first home. I never in a million years thought we would be here. It’s crazy to me that back in February we moved across the country, and now, we’re crushing our goals! Today I’m going to share just a few small updates, incase you missed all the newness around here.


Major Updates //


We Bought a House!

Yep, we did it! We’re officially homeowners, and we’re feeling allll the feels… It’s been a crazy ride. Just a few days ago, we submitted our first mortgage payment, and it still doesn’t feel real. This house still doesn’t feel like its “ours” if that makes sense. The whole process of buying our house was full of ups and downs, and now, we’re finally starting to feel back in our usual routines. I never thought buying a house would take so much out of me, and I’m still pretty exhausted from it all. Now that we’re moved in, our days off are still, just as busy as when we were house hunting. Now, we’re scrambling to put our home together how we want. As much as I love decorating, painting, and doing “projects” I’m flat out exhausted, you guys. I can’t wait to feel fully settled, and make this house feel more like our home.


We paid off a car + I got a new one!

In the midst of all the craziness, Dustin was able to pay off his car! I still can’t believe we were able to accomplish so much in such a small amount of time. When we first decided to purchase a house, we knew we wanted to buy a smaller, modest first home. We wanted two bedrooms, nothing too crazy. Now, we are so grateful we chose a 2 bedroom house, with an affordable mortage, because we’ve been able to save so much more money, monthly, to put towards other bills. Thankfully, Dustin was able to save enough to pay off his car, freeing up a huge chunk of money each month. While he paid off his car, I weighed the pro’s and con’s of getting myself a newer car. After two cross country moves, and a whole lot of miles, I decided to trade in my car, and upgrade. I ended up with a similar car payment, with only a $10 increase, making it still, very doable.  I got myself a Subaru Legacy Limited, with an all weather package, heated + leather seats, and a sun roof. I’m obsessed with my new car, and feeling so grateful I was able to get it. Getting myself a new car felt like icing on the cake, and I’m still in awe of all of the crazy, yet awesome changes around us.


I cut 5+ inches off my hair!

With all of the change surrounding us, I decided it was time for a major makeover. Being a smaller woman, I felt like I was hiding behind my waist length hair, and everything just felt so heavy. Originially I made an appointment at the salon for just a trim, but then I ultimately decided to cut 5+ inches off, and bring my hair up to my chest. It felt SO good to chop major length off. My hair is still long, but now, it’s so much easier to take care off. After all the changes, I’m feeling lighter, happier, and grateful for this season of change in in. These past few months have been so good to us, and I can’t wait to see where the rest of 2019 takes us.


What’s going on in your lives? What have I missed? Catch me up in the comments below!


Hey friend–I’m Laura, the Writer behind This Northern Native

Hey friend–I’m Laura, the Writer behind This Northern Native

A lifestyle + wellness blog, This Northern Native is a place to come for major realness. I deliver raw, honest content created for those who value becoming the happiest & healthiest versions of themselves possible, and share a love for New England living.