Best BBQ in Dallas + My Experience with Smoky Rose


Could I ever be a vegetarian? Most definitely not! I absolutely love a good crispy artichoke salad from snappy salads here in Dallas, but man do I love Texas BBQ! Today post is all about MEAT, and where to get the best BBQ in Dallas! (pardon my messy hair, makeup-free skin, and overall messiness!)  When it comes to food, I’m always down to try new things…especially being in a brand new city. Today I’m sharing my experience, and showing you a glimpse into the deliciousness that is BBQ, in Dallas! Read on to hear about my experience with Smoky Rose.

What to order:

Appetizer: Brisket Queso (house smoked brisket)

Meal: The Smoke House Duo – which is a choice of two smoke house meats and a side.

Beverage/Cocktails: Smokehouse Stash (so good)

When to go: Open 7 days a week, I recommend calling to book a reservation.

What else: They even offer catering, I know of a couple who used their gorgeous restaurant and patio for their wedding reception.


Our Experience with Smoky Rose

We went to Smoky Rose on a Sunday around 11 o’clock, and surprisingly it wasn’t too hectic or overcrowded. There was ample seating outdoors on the patio, as well as indoors. We were surprised to learn Smoky rose is located right near our apartment, and is also nestled close to the Dallas Arboretum – a big hot spot here in Dallas.

Firstly the restaurant and outdoor patio is breath-takingly beautiful, they even have a fire pit. Overall, the vibe of the restaurant is clean, cozy and rustic. The décor was beautiful, modern, with a twist of rustic farmhouse pieces. Our service from our waitress and hostess was  phenomenal, we cannot speak highly enough of the service we received, because everyone was so accommodating and overall chill.
You could tell everyone in the restaurant was just as pleased with the service due to the fact everyone was having a good time, and showcased a smile on their faces.

I have never eaten any barbecue in Texas that completely blew me away until eating at Smoky Rose. Let me tell you I was blown away,  their food is top notch and the macaroni and cheese was ridiculously creamy and delicious. The chef clearly knows how to do barbecue and how to do it well. Even our appetizer, the brisket Queso, was so good yet so filling…I was so worried I would get entirely too full to consume macaroni & cheese let alone sample the BBQ we had ordered. My personal opinion? Smoky Rose is the BEST place to go for BBQ in Dallas, the food was not only exceptional, and worth every penny spent, the service was phenomenal as well.


Do you like BBQ? What is your favorite style of restaurant? Tell me all your favorites in the comments down below!

Hey friend–I’m Laura, the Writer behind This Northern Native

Hey friend–I’m Laura, the Writer behind This Northern Native

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