3 Honest Reasons Why Every Woman Should Book a Boudoir Photoshoot

I’m going to be totally, and completely transparent with you. I love boudoir photoshoots.

There, I said it.

I’ve had two to date, and to completely honest…

it’s truly the most liberating, empowering thing I’ve ever done.

If I could give ONE piece of advice to every woman whose entertaining the idea of getting a shoot done… I would probably scream “JUST DO IT” to your face and have no regrets about it. While getting half naked, or fully naked (whatever you wanna do, Susan) in front of a photographer is kind of nerve-wracking, you have to remember they’ve probably seen it all at this point. Being comfortable with your photographer is EVERYTHING. If you don’t feel comfortable, it will show in your photos. You need to throw your fear out the window, and embrace all that you are. So, if you’re curious of why you should get a shoot done, keep reading girlfriend!



3 Honest Reasons Why Every Woman Should Book a Boudior Photoshoot


+It’s empowering as hell

While it IS scary to strip down in front of a photographer, it’s empowering to be able to do it. Not only that, it’s empowering to see yourself, embracing all that you are, lacey pieces and all. Getting a boudoir shoot done is so much more than embracing your sensual side, and has everything to do with loving, and showing off your bod. First and foremost, feeling comfortable with your photographer is a MUST. If you don’t it will show in your photos, which will lead to…not so great photos. Just to be able to pose in front of someone else in itself is empowering, so be sure to give yourself a huge pat on the back.


+It will make your confidence soar

Who is more confident than a woman embracing, strutting her stuff and loving her body? That’s simple… no one. It takes GUTS to do boudoir. Just to simply go to the shoot and do it, takes confidence. When you finally get your images back and review them, your confidence will surge. You’ll start to love and admire your body for all it does. Doing boudoir, you will have a new found confidence for yourself, and start to love your body in some ways you hadn’t before.


+ It makes an awesome gift (for yourself, or significant other)

Lets be real, yes, boudoir is for you… but it COULD also make a really awesome gift for your spouse. Whether you’re in a committed relationship, or married with kiddo’s, your spouse is sure to love a book of boudoir as a gift. You could even go as far as framing a few and leaving them on his nightstand, or simply putting your images into a book. Not only does it make a great gift, these images are so amazing to look back on, 10, even 50 years down the road. Boudoir is not something you strictly do for your significant other, it’s also something for you, to look back on and admire your body.


Would you ever book a boudior shoot? Have you done one? Share with me in the comments below!


Hey friend–I’m Laura, the Writer behind This Northern Native

Hey friend–I’m Laura, the Writer behind This Northern Native

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