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Hello all! When I recently shared the reasons why we chose a destination elopement with you all, I was quickly asked about our “story.” Our wedding story is quite long, so I thought a wedding series would best capture all of the special details. Follow along, to hear everything from the morning of, from the ceremony, to the other places we went and explored on our big day!

**My apologies in advance, I tried to organize my thoughts as BEST I could. There is so much to tell, and my heart and brain tried to make it as understandable as possible 🙂


If you’ve read our post about why we chose a destination elopement, you know that Dustin and I eloped in Colorado. Dustin and I are originally from a small town in Maine, but we currently reside in Dallas. We became engaged in 2015, where we then quickly moved to Texas. We planned to get married after we moved back to Maine, but we became super impatient… or I became super impatient, because lets face it, who doesn’t want to just get married? In 2016 Dustin and I went on a impromptu road trip to Colorado, and explored everywhere from Denver, Boulder, Colorado Springs and beyond. We quickly fell in love with Colorado because it was very similar to Maine. I remember walking around Colorado Springs sipping a coffee, and I instantly began crying tears of joy…maybe it was the homesickness, maybe not, but for the first time in awhile, I felt “at home” it grounded me, it made me feel “whole”

In that moment, I knew it to be true, home was NOT a place, it was a feeling Click To Tweet

After that trip, Dustin and I decided to plan a wedding back home in Maine…well, that quickly became extremely stressful. We then came up with the idea of a destination elopement. We tossed around the idea of doing it in Maine, surrounded by our closest friends and family, but knew it would be hella expensive. We then decided we had to do it in Colorado, because we loved it that much. After wanting to just simply “elope” I instantly felt bad, and toyed with the idea of doing a SMALL “destination elopement” so technically it went from an elopement to a “destination wedding” super fast. I called 10 of our closest friends and family, and they were all for it.

From there, we decided to rent a BIG AirBnB house, asked my close friend who is a chef to fix us brunch, tacos and margaritas (for our day of food, and “reception”) and I had it all planned… in FOUR DAYS. Which made everything that much less stressful. I asked my best friend, Lauren to become ordained and to marry us, because I wanted it to be super close, intimate, and a day full of love. Since Colorado is super close to Texas, Dustin and I went on a road trip to Morrison, Colorado (where we got married) to arrive at our AirBnB house, the day prior to our wedding. I remember pulling into our AirBnB like it was yesterday, and Dustin’s father was standing there to greet us.. I remember feeling so happy to see him (it had been over a year since we had seen him) and I just hugged him, it all became real. Dustin and I spent that night shopping for food for our wedding, catching up over drinks with our friends and family, and just enjoying Colorado. That night we went out by ourselves, because I wanted to find flowers to make my own bouquet, it was then in the Safeway where it all had hit me. I began sobbing in the grocery store, where everyone just stood and stared me cry, then giggle, then cry again in excitement. I then had picked out a few flowers for my arrangement, but that night, Dustin decided he would arrange and make my bouquet for me…how sweet is he?!

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The Morning of Our Wedding

That morning, Dustin and I woke up earlier than anyone, and headed down to the county clerks office to obtain our wedding license. I remember driving into the city, and kept bursting into tears because our wedding day was FINALLY here. Dustin and I have known each other since 2011, so it had been a long time coming! The sunrise was absolutely beautiful, and I just couldn’t stop crying. After getting back, my friend, the chef, had various types of pancakes and fruit platters ready for breakfast. Lauren, my best friend poured us all mimosas, and we all sat in disbelief that the day had FINALLY come. Shortly after eating, we all began to get ready.

I was luckily enough to have my best girls, Lauren and Cassie with me, to help me get ready. Cassie is also an incredible photographer, so she helped to take a few getting ready photos of us, because our photographer was only booked for the ceremony. Side note: We never booked a photographer because we wanted it to be SUPER cheap, but then, Cara reached out to ME, and gave me an offer I couldn’t resist, and then we quickly had a photographer! It took Lauren, Cassie and I a few hours to get ready, and honestly: my stomach was in KNOTS. I started to worry, panic and feel all the emotions. Thankfully I had my girls to keep me in check. The morning of the wedding was absolutely INCREDIBLE. Lauren did my hair, and then I spent the rest of the time doing my makeup. Of course I went slowly, so we weren’t able to capture many getting ready photos, which was 100% okay with me! It was sunny, 68 and gorgeous. Here are a few wedding photos of the morning of our wedding:

The Morning of

This photo was taken on a film camera, but all photos are from my girl, Cassie Skelly she can be found at: click for website!

In the next several posts, I will share the rest of our wedding story! Let me know if there are any key details you want to know about! Drop any questions or comment is the comment box below!

Hey friend–I’m Laura, the Writer behind This Northern Native

Hey friend–I’m Laura, the Writer behind This Northern Native

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