Creating a Positive Living Space


When we moved into our first apartment here in Dallas, I was too stressed to care about the “aesthetic” of our apartment. I didn’t care where our furniture was, or how our pictures were hung, I just wanted it all done, and up so I could get on with the rest of my life. Well, little did I know that how things were placed, or where they were placed, DID in fact, matter. And not having everything in a “place” did stress me out. While for us, living 650sft was okay when we first moved here – almost two years now, it’s becoming more and more apparent we need a much bigger space in the near future. As Newlyweds, we desperately want to get into a home of our own. Right now, Dustin and I are in the process of just simply saving, to get to a place where we can begin looking at houses. For the time being, it’s so important we fill our space with joy, comfort, and make it open and simply “livable.” Today I’m sharing how to make your house (whatever size it may be) filled with lightness, and positive energy, as well as how to maximize the space you have.

Creating a Positive Living Space

Create Openness
Start by looking at each room, and determining if you’re space is very “open.” Look around the room and ask yourself these questions: is there clutter everywhere? Is your space hard to move around in? Does the room feel cramped? If yes to any of these questions consider rearranging your furniture. Don’t arrange bookshelves or coffee tables too close to another object. All it took for us was moving the couch to the wall, and POOF! we had that much more room. Play around with placement of large furniture in your living room, sometimes it takes a few tries to get it right. This is especially important in a new, unfamiliar environments, being comfortable and having that overall cozy feeling to a new place is crucial.

Decorate to Fill Your Space with Comfort + Joy
Never underestimate a few great pieces of art on a bare wall. When decorating, know your overall goal, or which aesthetic pleases you and your partner most. Do you love color? Are you more contemporary? Knowing your own personal style and color preferences before heading into Home Goods before just loading things into your cart is crucial into creating an overall flow to your home décor. Pick a few pieces of art, and be mindful the way you position them on your walls.

Pick Scents That Soothe
Smells are linked to emotions, which can either be a good or bad thing…maybe the smell of Pineapple makes you reminisce about your tropical vacay in Fiji, or maybe it reminds you of the one too many fruit cocktails you had on a bad date….either way, know what scents bring you and your partner the most joy. Placement of these scents are key! Keep lavender and more warmer scents in the bedroom and more uplifting scents in living areas. Candles are the easiest way to bring warmth and an overall “feeling” into a space, so don’t forget to deck your space in delicious scents.

Add Nature Into The Mix
There are certain plants that are great to add to your bedroom, living space, and even kitchen, knowing with ones to put where are very important, especially if you have furry friends. First, make sure to pick out plants that are non-toxic to your fur babies, or that wont interfere with any allergies you or your family may have. Succulents and air plants are super low-maintenance and easy to keep alive (great for anyone without a green thumb) Cactuses add visual interest, but may be harmful to any animals. Aloe vera placed in the bedroom will promote overall air quality and may help you sleep. Adding nature into the mix of your home will elevate the feeling of “home” especially in a smaller environment, or if you live in the city.

What do you do to create a cozy, positive living space? Do you have any suggestions on how to make an Apartment feel more like a home? I’d love to hear!

Welcome to This Northern Native

Welcome to This Northern Native

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