Easy Ways To Fit Exercise Into Your Daily Routine (No Matter How Busy You Are)

Lets be real for a sec, as great as hitting the gym is, sometimes, I just don’t want to go… There are days where I lack any and all motivation to get myself dressed, let alone get myself to the gym. We all have those days, and to be honest, that’s OKAY. There will be those days where you lack motivation. There are still ways you can squeeze exercise into your days when you can’t manage to go for a full on workout. Today I will be sharing a few of my best activities, tips and tricks to get your blood pumping on those days.

Easy Ways to Fit Exercise Into Your Daily Routine

Throw a dance party

Turn on the tunes that make you feel happiest, and get moving. Bonus: invite your friends, turn up the heat, and sweat it out. Dancing seriously gets everyone in a good mood. There are so many forms of dance, I think eventually I’d love to try salsa dancing, just for the hell of it! Putting on music that makes you feel happiest will instantly brighten your mood, and make you want to dance. Dancing can shake the blues, and burn serious calories. If you’re feeling sluggish, or sad, try dancing, even just for a minute.

Go for a walk

A great way to recharge and squeeze in a bit of cardio? Walking around a free park in your own neighborhood. To make it more challenging, walk on the beach, or grab a leash and take your furry friend with you. Not only will that give you something to do, it will force you to work harder, walk faster and engage your abs. If you crave a good self care session, going alone will allow you time to think, and get your endorphins pumping. Walking outside is a great way to squeeze in cardio, and soak up a little sun.

Grab a Hula Hoop

No joke – Hula Hooping is a serious cardiovascular AND ab workout! It’s definitely not just for kids! I totally wish I had a hula hoop, it’s been years since I’ve done it, but when I was a kid I loved it! Hula Hooping is a super fun, and pretty challenging, no matter what age. If your child or someone you know has one, don’t be afraid to grab it and try your best. Hula hooping is totally an all ages activity, and no one should be ashamed to have a little fun, and get a serious ab workout in! Hula Hoops are seriously inexpensive, and can easily be transported almost anywhere.

Ride a Bike

I totally miss riding my bike… I used to ride my bike for hours as a child. I have always been naturally thin but that’s probably what kept me trim as a child. Bikes are super affordable, and you can pretty much go anywhere – depending on what kind of tires you have of course. Bikes can be easily transported as well as hula hoops, and are a great alternative to hitting the gym for an hour or two. You can even ride your bike to work, or brunch, and try to cut down on the cost of gas – depending where you live. There are so many ways to go biking, you can either leisurely go for a ride, or try mountain biking, either way, it’s a great workout overall.


Swimming is such a fun way to squeeze in exercise, especially for those dealing with any kind of injury or chronic pain. Lately I’ve been sitting by the pool, reading for an hour, and then hopping into the pool for a bit – an easy way to break up any type of work you’re doing and have a little fun. I can’t even explain how much I miss swimming in lakes/oceans/rivers (we’re totally moving back home, or somewhere that has those things) But, luckily, you can find a pool, or a body of water to swim in almost anywhere! I love doing ab exercises in the pool, it’s such an easy, painless way to squeeze in exercise when I’m not feeling super ambitious. The best thing about swimming: any age can partake – if they no how to swim of course!

Find a quick, at home workout on Youtube

No joke, chances are there will be EASY at home workouts you can do without putting on all of your gym attire. When I’m just not feeling driving my butt to the gym, I pull up a quick ab routine on YouTube and follow along, it’s easy, fast and super convenient, no matter where you are.

What do you do for exercise when you’re just not feeling the gym? What are your favorite forms of exercise? I’d love to hear!

Hey friend–I’m Laura, the Writer behind This Northern Native

Hey friend–I’m Laura, the Writer behind This Northern Native

A lifestyle + wellness blog, This Northern Native is a place to come for major realness. I deliver raw, honest content created for those who value becoming the happiest & healthiest versions of themselves possible, and share a love for New England living.