Easy Springtime Look Featuring Pixi Cosmetics


Now that it’s nearing spring time, I’m so excited to finally be busting out all of my brighter clothing and makeup. I’m beyond ready to rock a bold lip, and revive my overall look. With a new season, it’s understandable to want to switch up your every day look and try new, daring trends. Friends, I am here to tell you, you don’t have to make CRAZY changes to your appearance to shake up your look for spring. It can be as easy as updating your hair color, or rocking a bright colored manicure. Today, I wanted to share with you all a super simple, everyday look that’s perfect for the changing of season. You can also  customize this look to fit your unique style as well, which makes this look so versatile! I also teamed up with two of my favorite women, Summer, from Coffee with Summer and Mistle from Sweet Tea and Hydrangeas to create easily achievable springtime looks!


The Look:







A “spring time” look is going to look different for everyone. My day to day makeup routine can change in a snap, but for today I chose an easy “every day springtime look” that can be easily duplicated, no matter what products you have at home. When I received my Pixi  PR package in the mail, I instantly thought they would be perfect for everyday looks, but especially springtime. (If you haven’t seen my unboxing yet, head over to my Instagram stories) For me, I wanted to use soft, subtle browns to make my eyes pop, and use a tiny bit of shimmer to brighten the entire look up. I used a total of six colors to create this look, which to me, is a record! I decided to layer these colors together, to make for a more “bold” everyday look. To really make this look more “spring time appropriate” I paired it with a bold pinky-purple look from NARS. Because think look is filled with neutral colors, you can get away with any type of lip color, so feel free to go wild. If you’re feeling daring for spring, incorporate a bit of color into your eye makeup, to really stand out in a crowd. For everyday purposes, I decided my look down a bit, and apply a bright color to my lips only. I also used quite a bit of bronzer to warm up my skin, for a glow overall.


PRO TIP: To make an eyeshadow appear brighter, or give the illusion of a foiled appearance, spray a makeup setting spray directly onto your brush, and then go into the shadow. I did this with the shade Metallic Rose, featured above, and my shadow came out 10x brighter, and gave the entire look an even bigger pop!


The Details:








Be sure to check out what these incredible ladies crafted for their unique everyday looks!

Right to left: Summer & Mistle



Hey friend–I’m Laura, the Writer behind This Northern Native

Hey friend–I’m Laura, the Writer behind This Northern Native

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