Exploring Marshall Point Light



Back in late March, our little family took a day trip to Port Clyde, here on the rocky coast of Maine. Since being away from Maine, we’ve desperately missed exploring our home state. Dustin and I LOVE to travel, hike, and explore everything Maine has to offer, so what better way than to check out a lighthouse? We had never been to this lighthouse, as it’s several hours away. So we decided to get up half early, and head to Marshall Point Light. Today I’m sharing everything you need to know before exploring Marshall Point Light!




Based in Port Clyde, you can find this lighthouse sitting pretty at this address: Marshall Point Road, Port Clyde, Maine 04855. This location is perfect for a mid afternoon picnic, or simply collecting sea glass on the beach. It’s also features picture perfect views everywhere you turn, so be sure to bring your camera!



What to Wear / Bring:

We went in late March, and the wind was HARSH, to say the least. I highly suggest checking conditions before you head out to this lighthouse. Marshall Point Light is a gorgeous place to visit year round, but I highly encourage everyone whose going in the winter/spring to dress warm for the wind. If you visit in the summer, pack sunscreen, and you’re good to go. I also suggest if you’re visiting this lighthouse, bring a camera with you, and a jar, so you can collect seaglass on the beach.





Our experience:

We decided to visit Marshall Point Light on a whim, on a cold, late winter day in March. We knew the conditions would be slightly windy, but went anyway. Even though it was in the upper 30’s, we knew we had to dress warm. The temperature wasn’t too bad, but due to the high wind, it was hard to stay in one spot for very long. We took our time exploring the lighthouse, and then walked around the area with our dog, Odin. This was also one of the first times he was able to be close to the ocean, so it was quite the experience for him to see seagulls, and smell the salty ocean air. We loved Marshall Light because it was an adorable place to collect sea glass, and explore the nearby beach. We love exploring Maine, and visiting new places, and this was a gorgeous place to spend the afternoon. I highly recommend visiting Marshall Point Light around lunch time, and packing supplies to have a picnic on the beach.


Have you been to a lighthouse before? Share with me your travels in the comments below!

Hey friend–I’m Laura, the Writer behind This Northern Native

Hey friend–I’m Laura, the Writer behind This Northern Native

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