Exploring Sugar Shacks on Maine Maple Sunday


My husband and I were so happy to be home to partake in one of our favorite winter/early springtime traditions: Maine Maple Sunday! After living in Dallas for almost three years, we had begun to make a list of all the things we wanted to do in our first year back in Maine, and this day, was definitely on the list! Maine Maple Sunday is always on the fourth Sunday of the month, although you may be able to checkout a few stops on Saturday… but for traditions sake, go on Sunday. We love Maine Maple Sunday, for a few reasons:

  1. It marks the beginning of springtime and hello, fresh Maple Syrup!
  2.  Who doesn’t love exploring Sugar Shacks, petting farm animals and trying free samples of ice cream, with maple syrup on top?
  3.  Every Sugar Shack is different, and some offer incredibly delicious foods/treats. Our favorite: Maine Blueberry Pancake breakfast!

So, now you can see how easily one could enjoy Maine Maple Sunday. It’s truly an event for all ages, no matter how young, or old. There is something for everyone when visiting a sugar shack, even if your agenda is to simply pet baby goats. I highly suggest if you’re going to attend this event next year, dress for the weather. Typically around this time in Maine, it’s very muddy, and can still be quite chilly.


Where we went:

Jo’s Sugar Shack – 443 Sebago Lake Road Gorham, Maine

Green Maple – 77 Bridgton Road Sebago Center, Maine



Why we went:

Jo’s –

We choose to go back to Jo’s Sugar Shack because it had always been a tradition of ours. We love how big the sugar shack is, which not only attracts more people, but it’s fun to people watch as well. We absolutely adore their Maine Blueberry Pancake breakfast, and how generous their scoop of free ice cream is. An added benefit of visiting Jo’s? their is ample picnic tables to sit at, and everyone just sits down to share a meal… how awesome is that?


Green Maple –

We love visiting Green Maple Sugar Shack because it’s a little bit off the grid. You can find this hot spot in Sebago, a little off the beaten path. Every time we’ve visited this shack, there were rarely long lines, or any parking issues. Typically, at any other place you would visit, you would have to park and walk a bit of a distance to get to your destinations. Green Maple is a smaller shack, but is packed full of awesomeness. We love visiting Green Maple, because the family that is there, is so darn sweet and more than willing to share their story with anyone. We also love petting their goats, and trying a few free samples. We found so many AWESOME goodies, such as: Maple Salsa, Whoopie Pies, Fudge, Maple Syrup, and bacon!



What we did:

Toured the Sugar Shacks

Pet the Farm Animals

Ate food

Enjoyed the great outdoors


What we ate:

Maine Blueberry Pancake Breakfast with Sausage

Ice Cream with Fresh Maple Syrup (twice!)

Hot coffee

Whoopie Pies



Have you been to a Maine Maple Sunday? Do you love Maple Syrup? Share with me in the comments below!


Hey friend–I’m Laura, the Writer behind This Northern Native

Hey friend–I’m Laura, the Writer behind This Northern Native

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