Five Inexpensive Ways To De-Stress

Are you ever faced with a super stressful day and you have NO CLUE how to just…de-stress and relax? If so, this post is definitely directed at you. We all have “those days” but we don’t have allow ourselves to dwell, and stay stressed. There are simple, easy ways to get ourselves out of a funk after dealing with stress…Ones that don’t include spending money, or buying a bunch of things you don’t need at Target (which I swear we all do, btw).

Five Inexpensive Ways To De-Stress

Give yourself a facial…
I am a firm believer in having a skincare ritual. Every day when I’m driving home from work, I look forward to removing my makeup, and giving my skin the care it deserves. There’s just something so calming about having a ritual, especially one that serves a purpose. Try removing your makeup, giving it a good wash, throw on your favorite mask and let yourself sit in silence for a bit to de-compress. Doing a beauty ritual, especially when it’s at home and costs next to nothing is a sure way to calm yourself down after a stressful day.

Make yourself tea, coffee or pour a glass of wine…
Who doesn’t love holding a warm cup of coffee or tea? I LOVE slow mornings spent just simply sipping my coffee and watching the sunrise, nothing to me is more peaceful. Wine on the other hand…makes me sleepy, and calm in an instant. Try pouring a glass of wine, or making a hot cup of tea, and allow yourself to flip through a magazine and just sneak away from reality for awhile.

Be Still & Get Comfortable…
When I think of de-stressing, or just relaxing, I instantly picture a big, fuzzy bathrobe followed lounging on the ouch with a blanket, and a warm compress to soothe my tired muscles. Self-care is everything and you owe it to yourself to “just be” to forget about all the stresses and obligations, and just be still, if only for a few minutes. Go into a quite room, meditate, or just simply practice deep breathing for a few minutes…pair it all together, and you’re bound to relax.

Exercise + Lightly Stretch…
Whenever I’m super stressed, I instantly gravitate to exercise. As we all know, with exercise comes endorphins..and endorphins instantly make you happy. I tend to opt to do a short bout of intense cardio to just work up a really good sweat, so I’m forced to soley focus on one thing, not a million little details, or how my day at work was, ect, ect. Light stretching allows your body to relax, and lets your tense muscles to be long and limber, which instantly helps to de-stress your body.

Journal or Call a Friend…
Whenver I’m super stressed, or just can’t stop thinking about something, I instantly turn to a trusted friend. Talking to someone who wasn’t apart of a stressful situation can help to shed light and offer persepective. Just bitching it out and allowing yourself to talk it through outloud typically allows you to come to a solution, if faced with a problem. If all else fails, and no one can listen, turn to a journal and just pour all your thoughts ontop paper and let it all out. It always feels good to journal and unload all your thoughts and feelings onto paper.

What are your favorite ways to de-stress and relax after a long day? Drop your suggestions in the comments down below!

Welcome to This Northern Native

Welcome to This Northern Native

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