Hiking in The White Mountains: Diana’s Bath


Now that the hubs and I are officially back in Maine, we’ve been doing quite a bit of traveling. Two weeks after we moved back to Maine, we drove out to one of our favorite hiking destination: The White Mountains! Even though there was snow on the ground, we love hiking year round. I’ve always been big on hiking/traveling and exploring far and wide, but Maine specifically, has so much to offer. That is partially the reason why I began my blogging journey: to share my travels, and showcase to the world just how beautiful New England is. Today I wanted to share with you all one of the hikes my husband and I have been on lately, and everything you need to know about going yourself.

Diana’s Bath



Based in The White Mountains, in Bartlett New Hampshire. The physical address is: 3725 West Side Road Bartlett, NH 03812. There is ample parking as well as bathrooms.



The trail was packed down so well, due to the many visitors. In the wintertime it is a bit more challenging, as you have to work harder to find your balance. Depending on the size of your family, the challenge is moderate at best. If you have a baby or little ones, prepare them for a long walk. There isn’t any area that is particularly steep, except near the waterfall. This hike is family, and dog friendly, so be sure to bring your fur babies as well.


Best time to go

Diana’s Bath is a gorgeous place to visit year round. If you are adventerous like us, prepare and pack accordingly if visiting in the winter. We love going in the summer, so we can get into Diana’s bath and cool off in the waterfall. Summer-Fall is typically packed full of tourists, so if you’re going in that time period, get there early!


What to wear / pack

Water, hiking boots, hat, gloves, snow pants if it’s winter. If you go in the summertime, wear a swimsuit as well as shorts and a t-shirt. You can get in the water fall, but no one typically swims here.


Our Experience

This was our FIRST hike back in New England! We were so excited to head to New Hampshire, as it’s one of our favorite hiking destinations in New Hampshire. We typically visit Diana’s Bath in Summer, but we knew it was a year round hiking destination. We made a big Sunday brunch, and then headed off to NH around 10am, and arrived shortly after 11. We went when it was 35 degrees outside, and surprisingly it wasn’t as cold as we had anticipated. We had worn quite a few layers, and to our surprise it wasn’t too cold in New Hampshire because it wasn’t windy that day. To our surprise, even the snow couldn’t stop other visitors, and the area was packed full of people. Luckily, the trail was fairly packed down due to the amount of visitors that day, making the trek that much easier. The weather, mixed with the sunshine made the hike super refreshing. We took our dog, Odin and he loved exploring the woods. Having been to Diana’s Bath numerous times, except for the winter…we were a bit weary of going this time of year. Thankfully, it was still a very enjoyable hike, even with the 35 degree temperatures. Overall, we highly recommend visiting Diana’s Bath, especially in the summertime!


Have you been to New England, or The White Mountains in New Hampshire? Where is your favorite place to hike? Share with me in the comments below!




Hey friend–I’m Laura, the Writer behind This Northern Native

Hey friend–I’m Laura, the Writer behind This Northern Native

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