Our Family is Growing


Can you feel the suspense? 🙂

Our little family has expanded by four paws! I knew you were definitely thinking I was about to announce a pregnancy! But we’ve only been married six months, but in reality time means nothing, even though we’ve known each other almost ten years now… Maybe one day we’ll have a little bundle of joy, but that’s a discussion for another time. So anywho… It’s officially been one month since we brought home our new addition. I can’t even begin to explain my excitement for this post you guys. Ever since Dustin and I became engaged, all I wanted for us was to slowly start expanding our family. It first started with a cat…and ended with this handsome little guy…

Meet Odin (Dustin named him after a Norse Mythology god)

Odin is a Jack Russell Terrier mix, which we believe also resembles a dashaund of some sort. He is believed to be around two years old, and had been living in a shelter for months on end. His story is that his previous owners lost him, and they were never reunited, so naturally..someone brought him to the closest animal shelter. The shelter also said he had been transferred from another shelter, so the information they had on him was slim to none.

sooo how did this all happen you ask?

For months and months all I had wanted was to adopt a dog. My husband and I went back and forth, we were hot and cold for months. We originally decided to wait to adopt a pup until we moved back home to Maine, where he/she would have a big backyard to roam and play in. Even so, I knew if we had a dog, we wouldn’t be living in an apartment for very long, so I figured, why not? Dustin and I live very close to our jobs, so we knew with our schedules, we adopting a dog seemed very doable. I also knew my life revolves around being active, getting outdoors, and I already went walking around parks and lakes a few times a week, so adding a dog into the mix was a no brainer.

Soon after many discussions, I decided to go to my local shelter after work. Without looking first online, I decided to just do a walk through. Now I knew already I had wanted a bigger dog, but Dustin said he would prefer a small – medium sized dog. So I kept my options open, and just simply looked for a dog that I felt an instant connection with. After walking through numerous rows of different sized dogs, I stumbled across a little white ball of fur curled up on a blanket. I broke all the rules and tapped lightly on the glass, and when his ears perked up, I knew right then and there I had to meet him. I went straight to the front desk and asked to meet the cute Jack Russell. I told the woman I already had a cat, so I needed the dog to be good with other animals… and then things got real, real fast…

And then I stood there for ten minutes while the woman tried to persuade me to look at a Chihuahua or some other dog because “Jack Russellls are absolutely insane and chase cats”. You guys I just wouldn’t take no for an answer. I humored her and walked through again, and looked at the other animals, but something kept drawing me back into him. So I went up to her again and told her I just had to meet him. She definitely was not super pleased, or optimistic about it, but I didn’t care. I’m not one to judge a book by its cover.

So, after meeting the pup, I instantly knew I was in love. he was absolutely perfect. I decided to bring Dustin the very next day, and Dustin knew it to be true, too. So that’s exactly how this whole thing happened, in a nut shell.

We’ve had this little dude for a month now, and I can whole heartedly say it was the best decision. I will say: I am shocked at how good he is with cats! At first they both were a little timid of each other, but now they cuddle, and sleep together…how cute is that? Odin fits so well into our lives and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Odin has already been on countless road trips since we’ve had him, so far he’s been as far as Austin, which is a 2-3 hour drive from Dallas. He also does super well on outdoor patios at restaurants, so thankfully we can truly take him anywhere. Today I will also be sharing 5 things owning a dog has taught me….

5 Things Owning a Dog Has Taught Me

1. Living life at a slower pace isn’t such a bad thing… Odin has brought some much needed awareness to my life, and every day routine. This is the most important one of all. I never truly realized it before, but now that we have Odin, I don’t feel the need to race around, and have a crazy hectic schedule. I am perfectly okay with going to work, bringing him to the dog park, and typing up a few blog posts all in one day. I no longer feel the need to be everywhere at once (dinner, drinks with friends, concerts – you get the gist) Odin has naturally helped me slow down.

2. Following living life a little slower, he has also taught me to stay PRESENT…. Being present to me, is the most important thing especially when I’m with my husband, or with friends/family. Naturally, with slowing down, comes being more present. When I slow down to take time out of my day to just be with him, say take him to the dog park, I naturally narrow my focus to him and his needs. Also, this definitely applies when we’re just lounging around the apartment, if I’m not present or fully aware of what he’s doing he could shred his toys, or other things for that matter.

3. Laugh at the little things, and enjoy the moment… Owning a dog takes this to a whole other level. Odin is constantly happy, with his tail wagging, and if I slow down to just watch him, it easily makes me smile, laugh and truly have a good time. Who doesn’t get a thrill out of playing fetch with a cute pooch?

4. Be more adventurous…. Even though Dustin and I are constantly going on “adventures” Odin helps me bring the spice back into my crazy work weeks. On days where I’m doing the whole 9-5 things, and life just seems so routine, I do my best to mix it up. Sometimes Odin and I will walk around a new lake, or find a new dog park, or simply just walk around a new part of Dallas. Owning a dog for me, means constant exploration.

5. To love, unconditionally.. Okay, okay, I swear I already knew how to do this, but again…owning a dog just makes this statement so much more true. Even if the dog accidentally pees, or makes a mess, you can’t help but love him regardless.

Do you have a fur baby friend? What are your best tips/tricks for first time dog mommas? I’d love to hear!

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