Our Trip to Colorado Bend State Park


Good morning lovelies how are you all doing this week? I am currently sitting here sipping my coffee and reminiscing on our hike in Colorado Bend State Park a few weekends ago. As all of you know my husband and I live to hike and love traveling and eating new foods and just experiencing all that life has to offer. This September will make two years spent in Dallas and I can honestly say I have no regrets of moving cross-country. I have learned  and seen so much in my time spent here in Texas it’s absolutely unbelievable how much personal emotional and physical growth I have gone through in the last two years alone. The same growth applies with hiking… I’m from New England originally and I would hike every single weekend now hiking in Texas is very different then hiking in Maine. To sum it up I think hiking in Texas is a bit more extreme as you are gambling with the weather, you don’t know what kind of animals or reptiles may pop out at you. You always have to be very much aware of your surroundings at all times and truly watch where you walk… you just never know out here! Today I wanted to share our hike through Colorado Bend State Park to Gorman Falls.


On Saturday night Dustin and I sat on the couch and tried to plan our Sunday funday. A part of me wanted to go see the Dallas aquarium or the zoo because I’ve never been to it here and then a large part of me just wanted to be you were nature was to reset refresh and get in touch with what makes me happiest which is being a nature. We’re very big on trying to hike/visit as many state and  national and state parks as possible. When we came across Colorado Bend State Park we were amazed, and knew we had to go. Colorado Bend State Park has such a diverse landscape it goes from seeing cactuses to seeing trees and rocks and hills and then a gorgeous waterfall so we the new we just absolutely had to make the trip.

Hike details

Where: Colorado bend state park in Bend, Texas

Trail: Gorman falls trail

Distance: 3.4 miles

Challenge Level: very challenging!
What to wear: Hiking boots, or sturdy shoes with grip. Dress according to the weather.

What to bring: PLENTY of WATER! Sturdy hiking shoes, SPF and a camera!

When to go: when it’s much cooler than 90!

Recommendation: I would say this is a hike for people who are at least 12 years of age I do not recommend taking a child on this hike as there is a very steep decline where the waterfall is and you have to hold onto railings and handles that are not very sturdy.


Our Hiking Experience

Dustin and I got up at 3am to start out journey to Bend, Texas. We started our morning with a cup of coffee and piled in the car with our dog Odin. We drove three hours away from Dallas and I must say the drive was absolutely gorgeous! Texas has such a wide range of landscapes and we saw everything from hill country to pretty much desert and it was stunningly beautiful as we watched the sunrise. We saw so many deer on the way to our destination and it was absolutely beautiful just to break away from the city for a while when we got there it was about 6 o’clock and it was already 78° pretty warm by my standard for a hike but we tracked on nonetheless. I originally thought that this hike was a loop trail, but I was in for a surprise when we made it halfway there and I realized I did not have enough water. Clearly I had not been as well prepared as I thought since I typically drink about 95 ounces a day, and I barely had half of that by 6 o’clock.  Luckily there was a ton of Igloo coolers filled with water on the way because clearly the park rangers are just awesome and want everyone to have freshwater, so props to Texas Rangers!

The hike there was so easy because it wasn’t super hot out just yet but it took us a little bit over 30 minutes to get down as we are walking fairly slowly just trying to take in the sights and enjoy all that our hike had to offer us. When we finally got to the waterfall we were in absolute awe. The waterfall was ungodly, the greenest green I’ve ever seen in my life which definitely was surprising since I grew up in such a green state. We took an hour to chill out near the waterfall and just admire its simple beauty. In that time, we al rested, and Odin ate some of his food. We were amazed how badly he wanted to keep going, and keep hiking. We’re so grateful to have a dog that loves adventure as much as we do. The journey back to the car was unreal and it felt like it took forever because it was already 95.  It took us a little over an hour to return as we had to stop and take breaks because I fell a little bit sick from the heat but regardless we had made it and we were covered in dirt mud and sweat in it was the best feeling just to get out in nature and to explore. Our hike in the heat was definitely a bit challenging, but it was just so good to get out of the city for awhile


When was your last hike? What are your favorite hiking destinations in your area? I’d love to hear! Let me know in the comments below!



Hey friend–I’m Laura, the Writer behind This Northern Native

Hey friend–I’m Laura, the Writer behind This Northern Native

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