Our Wedding Day Part 1

Welcome to Part 1 of Our Wedding Day! In the previous post, I shared with you all photos and stories from the “morning of” Today, I’m sharing with you a glimpse into our ceremony. Part two will be up shortly following this.

Forewarning: this post will be veryyy picture heavy.


Our Wedding Day Part 1

It all started when I walked down the stairs of our AirBnB, my sister was already bawling, trying to snap a photo and I told her, “Shawna this is not me heading off to the prom, quit it!” After that, we all pilled into cars, and we were off. I was lucky enough to ride with my sister, husband, and my two best friends. Driving to our venue, it felt like a dream like state. I had to keep asking, “Is this real life?” One thing I will never forget, was listening to Classic Rock, and “More Than A Feelin” by Boston came on, and Lauren instantly said we all had to sing. Still til this day, I get goosebumps when I hear that song. We chose Mount Falcon Park in Morrison, Colorado because of the location, for starters: it was absolutely stunning. Secondly? it was free, and right in the mountains. Dustin and I wanted nothing more than to be married, overlooking gorgeous views.

The entire drive was breathtakingly beautiful, with jagged cliffs, beautiful trees, and surrounded by crisp mountain air. When we finally arrived at the destination, I stayed in the car, waiting for my father to meet me on top of the hill to walk me down…the “Aisle.” I was reminiscing, and realized I had truly had never felt a feeling quite like I was experiencing. It was indescribable, total and complete bliss..

Of course, while walking down the “aisle” which was big hill, hikers had to stop and ask what I was doing, and one even let me pet their dogs! When we had reached the destination, and I saw where my soon to be husband was standing, I was in total awe….that I said “This is f*cking beautiful!” very loudly…where everyone had heard and began to laugh. I definitely never imagined swearing in front of my guests on my wedding day, but I had felt very, very strongly about that statement in that moment.

When I had made it to our location, I realized how beautiful the moment was. Maybe it was the fact I had my best friend (pictured here) become ordained, to marry us, or that I was able to fly my dad out to Colorado to witness the most important part of my life. Or maybe it was all of those things, in one. I remember walking down the aisle, and a butterfly had rested on my fathers shoulder, and I stopped to point it out, and tears came to his eyes. It was a beautiful moment, before the start of an even bigger moment.

When Lauren began to read from her handwritten book, I instantly held Dustin’s hands. In that moment, I had blocked our everything, but the three of us, in that moment. It was like a trance, and I couldn’t step away, or have been any more present for that moment in all of our lives. When she had finished reading, I knew I had to go first, in order to not cry. Dustin and I had written our own vows, which made it all the more special. I read mine carefully, and fast, and in an instant, Dustin was crying. When I had finished, however, I was calm, and ready to hear his. In the very instant he began reading, tears were streaming down my face.

Dustin had written the most beautiful, thoughtful vows and I will be forever grateful we framed our vows, and created a shadow box for the bouquet he designed for me. His vows were so genuine, and very well written, that by the end of his vows, everyone including our photographer was in tears. To say it was an emotional day was a big understatement.

When we sealed the deal with a kiss, I felt like time had stopped in it’s tracks for us. That moment was priceless, and I wish I could go back to that very moment each and every day.

After our “I do’s” we took portraits and several other photos before heading off to our SECOND location! (Part 2 to follow!)

Here is a cluster of photos from our portraits.


Are you a newlywed? How did you like our wedding story? Let me know in the comments below!


Hey friend–I’m Laura, the Writer behind This Northern Native

Hey friend–I’m Laura, the Writer behind This Northern Native

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