Prioritizing Your Relationship + The Importance of a Getaway With Your Spouse



Just recently, my husband and I decided to set up “mini dates” at a coffee shop every so often. We choose a brand new coffee shop to go sit down twice a month and enjoy good conversation and a cup of coffee. I always loved going out for coffee dates with friends, but never realized how impactful it was to do so with my husband. We shared conversations I never even imagined having over two unfamiliar lattes, and it was such an incredible opportunity to just simply reconnect. Being able to take time out of our busy lives, and prioritizing our marriage, over a simple cup of coffee felt so much more meaningful than any other “date nights” we’ve been on.

This Sunday, we will embark on our first real vacation (we’ve been on so many getaways and trips, but never a long vacay)  and I can honestly say I am beyond excited to be able to go on an adventure with him. We have spent the majority of this week paying bills, stocking up on essentials, doing laundry and just taking care of our apartment, so we have nothing to worry about when we get back into town. It’s important for me to feel organized, and that everything is taken care of before going on vacation mode. Even though we will be going on vacation back home, and seeing our friends and family, it’s so important to me to prioritize alone time to be able to have these meaningful conversations and one-on-one time with him, free of distractions. Today I’m going to be sharing the importance of reconnection with your spouse, and why you should consider a mini getaway.



Why You Should Prioritize a Getaway 0r Staycation with Your Spouse


It will bring you closer together //

Consider all of the time that you and your spouse have on a daily basis to be together, I’m guessing it’s not as much time as you’d like..Depending on what you both have on your plate, whether its full time jobs, school, parenting, ect, every day life can seem so routine and just busy. Planning a trip of some sort is always so exciting, and brings the two of you together. Going on a small getaway, or even a staycation wherever you live, allows you both to simply be together.


It allows time for more rich, meaningful conversation //

Prioritizing a small getaway, or even just a night out where it’s just the two of you, completely alone and free from distraction allows more time for what truly matters….connection! If you and your spouse can book a small getaway somewhere exotic, that’s incredible, if not, even just a designated time where you can share conversation is still so meaningful. The importance of setting time out for each other to be able to share conversations is so crucial. Whether it’s over dinner, a staycation, or a weekend getaway somewhere new, prioritize what truly matters.


Reconnection is vital //

In your day to day life, it can be hard to find the time to reconnect with your spouse, no matter if you live under the same roof, and sleep in the same bed. Everyone’s lives are so busy as it is, and at the end of the day sometimes it’s much easier to binge watch Netflix with your spouse and keep conversation to a minimum so you can fully unwind. Nothing is wrong with that, however, it’s so important to share conversations, and do things with each other that help you connect with them. Being able to go somewhere new, or somewhere you and your spouse share memories and enjoy being, can provide endless opportunities to reconnect. Whatever “reconnection” means to you, prioritize the time to do it, and nurture your relationship.



What do you and your spouse do to reconnect? Have you been on a mini getaway lately? Tell me all the ways you connect with your spouse in the comments down below!

Hey friend–I’m Laura, the Writer behind This Northern Native

Hey friend–I’m Laura, the Writer behind This Northern Native

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