Simple Shifts I’ve Made to My Life This Year

Simple Shifts I’ve Made to Improve My Health


Hydration –

I used to be so good at getting in my recommended daily water intake, but that habit quickly went out the window late last year. So when 2021 rolled around I decided enough was enough, and I wanted to feel my best. I made it a habit to drink 3 30oz Yeti’s, far beyond my recommended water intake. Now I am feeling better than ever and getting in anywhere from 70-90oz a day. This year, my simple way I will be improving my health is to stay consistent with my water intake, to ensure I’m feeling my best and suffering from less headaches.


Practicing Meditation –

Up until 2020, I really had no interest in meditation… I didn’t really understand it. When I started acupuncture back in February, that’s when everything began to shift for me. I learned how to truly breathe deeply, and how nourishing it was to do so. Being able to close your eyes and breathe deeply allows for your body and mind to calm down completely. After that, I was hooked. I’m the type of person who analyzes everything/can’t shut off her brain…so naturally I found the thought of meditation to be a challenge. Meditation is all about silencing the mind, and being still.. something I’ve always struggled with. I have found the best time for me to do meditation is after my at home workouts, right before jumping in the shower.


Removing negativity –

Over the years I’ve done a great job at weeding out toxic, negative energy from my life. I’ve said goodbye to certain people/family members and friends. My life has never felt this happy and overall healthy. The one thing I know I can be better at is unfollowing draining accounts, and hitting the mute button more often. I’m not gonna lie, I loathe Facebook. I truly do. The only reason I’m on Facebook is for my blog, and for family members.  I can’t stand all the political memes, and controversial news articles popping up everywhere…. it’s such a mood killer. From now on, I’m hitting mute/deleting people from my socials – end of story.


Learning About My Body –

Last year I learned so much about myself through acupuncture and therapy. Late last year I found pretty bloated and feeling lethargic after eating my meals… and I had never dealt with that before. My husband and I have meal prepped for years, and we always prioritized healthy eating. What I realized, was that it wasn’t that I was eating unhealthy… but that something just wasn’t sitting right with my body. I decided I wanted to learn about my body, on a deeper level and ordered an at home test. I purchased an at home food sensitivity test, so I could finally figure out if I was allergic or sensitive to certain foods. Food sensitivity tests can be pricy, but I lucked out and got a $30 0ff coupon, regardless I knew it was a good investment. Overall, the purchase exceeded my expectations and I learned I am highly reactive to dairy, and certain foods. If you’re ever curious to see what foods you’re sensitive food, try an at home test, I swear you wont regret it.


Experiment in the kitchen –

This also goes along with keeping my pantry and fridge stocked with healthy meals/snacks. I strive to eat as much whole, clean foods as possible, and less processed foods overall. I’m definitely not the “cook” in our house… my husband is! He’s an amazing cook, and he usually does all of our meal prepping. I tend to make breakfasts/snacks/and come up with meal ideas. Lately, I’ve made it a priority to experiment and get more comfortable cooking. Lately, I’ve been OBSESSED with making mini quiches in muffin pans – so tasty and healthy! I also love making protein balls for easy snacking. This year I’m determined to experiment and make more healthy meals for my husband and I.


What are you doing to improve your health? share with me in the comments below!



Hey friend–I’m Laura, the Writer behind This Northern Native

Hey friend–I’m Laura, the Writer behind This Northern Native

A lifestyle + wellness blog, This Northern Native is a place to come for major realness. I deliver raw, honest content created for those who value becoming the happiest & healthiest versions of themselves possible, and share a love for New England living.