The End of a Season

With the end of a summer approaching, I found myself wanting to dive back into writing….Maybe its to reminisce and reflect on the past few months or to start transitioning into a new season. Since May, I’ve had a lot more free-time on my hands once spring semester ended. I did take one summer course for school, but between work and school, I had plenty of time to make new memories, and enjoy the summer months. Today I wanted to share a few key memories of summer 2022.

 My Favorite Summer Memories


Strawberry picking with good company

I haven’t gone strawberry or blueberry picking in such a long time. This year we went to a little farm in Cape Elizabeth, Maine with a few friends and spent the afternoon picking fresh strawberries. Afterwards we went over to a local park and walked near the ocean, and spent the day soaking up the sun. It’s little moments like this I will look back on during the cold winter months.

Visiting Peaks Island

Back in July we hopped on the Casco Bay Ferry to visit Peaks Island. We hadn’t been to Peaks in many years, and felt like walking around the island. Originally we wanted to bike around the island, but chose to walk, and take it slow instead. It was about a four mile walk around the entire island and we enjoyed all the sightseeing. After our walk, we stopped at II Leone, an outdoor woodfired pizzeria. After eating, we hopped back on the ferry and walked around the Old Port for the afternoon. It was one of the most relaxing days we had in quite awhile.



Vacation in Montana + hiking in Glacier National Park

In mid may we vacationed in Whitefish Montana, a place Dustin dreamed of visiting for years. We loved our time in Whitefish, and Glacier National Park was definitely one of the most beautiful places we had ever been. Sadly, we both ended up with a very serious case of the flu, and flu-related pneumonia half way through our trip…but regardless, it was a dream trip! We ended up only hiking 9 miles, not what we wanted, but we loved our hikes. Even on the days we felt not so great, we hopped in our car and took short drives to soak in all the views. Overall, the trip was one of our most favorite vacations we have taken to date.


Date nights in the Old Port

One of the things we wanted to do more of this summer, was try new restaurants in downtown Portland. Since the pandemic, we hadn’t really gone out too much, just to play it safe. We had a few date nights in the Old Port, and tried a bunch of new places. A few of our favorite places as of late are… Wilson County BBQ, Terlingua, Brickyard Hollow, and Foulmouthed brewing. We’re not big on drinking, we might have a cider / glass of wine, or margarita once a month (if at all) but over the summer we went to Maine Mead Works, and Foulmouthed brewing to get a flight to sample, and it was so fun to try new things. If you’re out in the Portland area, I highly suggest trying a new restaurant.



Investing in Paddle Boards

About a month or so ago, I came across an amazing listing on Facebook Marketplace. I saw someone had listed used paddle boards, in great condition. When I saw the price was two for the price of one, I instantly jumped on it. I had been wanting to invest in paddle boards the minute we tried them a few summers ago, and couldn’t think of a reason not to buy them. We live fairly close to a lake, and knew this would be a great summer activity. Since buying the boards, we’ve taken a handful of trips down the lake, and I’ve even taken a few solo trips. Paddle boarding is awesome exercise, and has gorgeous views. I’m already way too excited for next summer, so we can spend the season out on the lake.

Going back to Popham Beach

The last time Dustin and I went to Popham Beach was back in 2016 when he proposed. It was bittersweet to return to the beach, and reminisce about our relationship. Going back to the beach flooded our brains with memories of when we first met, and started dating in 2013. We spent hours laying on the beach, swimming and watching the seagulls. It was a special day, and I can’t wait to go back next summer.


Seeing one of my favorite musicians live

Back in December, Dustin surprised with me a ticket to see one of my favorite musicians since I was in middle school. The whole year, I could barely wait for August to hit so I could see Jack White play. Thankfully, one of my best friends who is also a huge fan bought a floor ticket as well. It was incredible to see him play everything from The White Stripes, The Raconteurs, to his newest albums. Seeing Jack White play was definitely the highlight of my summer, as his music was something that helped me through some pretty difficult years. The show was incredible, and I hope to see him a few more times during my lifetime.


Overall, the summer was pretty incredible. I’m so sad to watch the warmer months slip away… but I’m also very excited for my favorite season of all – Fall. What are you excited for in the coming months? Share with me!


Hey friend–I’m Laura, the Writer behind This Northern Native

Hey friend–I’m Laura, the Writer behind This Northern Native

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