What I’ve Learned in One Year of Marriage


On this day, exactly one year ago, I became married to my best friend in beautiful Colorado surrounded by my closest friends and family. To say I’m emotional today, is definitely quite the understatement. I remember this day like it was yesterday, and can’t believe we’ve already been married a year now! I’m still in total disbelief we were able to plan our destination elopement in less than two weeks, and managed to convince our friends and fam to fly half way across the country to go on the most epic adventure with us. To be completely honest, this whole marriage thing STILL feels new. It’s still so strange to say “my husband…” and each and every time, it most certainly makes me smile. Today I’m going to be sharing a few things I’ve learned in one year of marriage, followed by a ton of wedding photos!


What I’ve Learned in One Year of Marriage


I’ve learned…. We’re a team. It is truly a beautiful thing what you can accomplish in your marriage, and in life when you work together. Dustin and I are two opposites, but alike in many other ways. He knows my weaknesses, strengths, and vice versa, and he makes sure he knows when to step in if I need help. My husband is my best friend, and we work  hard to design our lives how we want together, through team work.


I’ve learned…. Marriage requires work. Before getting married, I had always heard this saying “marriage requires work” as well as “marriage is not 50/50 it’s 100/100” and never truly understood the meaning behind it. I assumed when being married to the right person, everything will come naturally, and it will be easy. Boy, was I naïve. Work, can mean anything from staying mindful, respecting each others differences, or simply carving out quality time for deeper conversations. It’s easy to “coast” throughout your day and normal routine, but it takes work to make sure you’re love and connection stays alive.


I’ve learned…. Communication is everything. Something I’ve had to work on is remembering: your spouse can’t read your mind. I’ve known my husband for almost a decade now, and sometimes I just assume he knows how I’m thinking or feeling…and that’s just not realistic. The best way to stay on the same page, is to effectively communicate. If you aren’t communicating with your spouse, it’s going to be difficult to work through any issues that may pop up along the way.


I’ve learned…. to live in a state of gratitude. We all have our own strengths and weaknesses. Your spouse will never be perfect, or remember to put his clothes in the laundry bin, and that’s okay. It’s key to remember all of the incredible thing your spouse does do for you. Dustin is so incredible at leaving little notes around, or remembering to leave the light on for when I come home late, it’s those little things that mean so much.


I’ve learned…sometimes you gotta hug it out. It may sound silly, but the power of a long hug can work wonders for your spirit. When I’m feeling down, or things just aren’t going right, sometimes all I need is a long hug to feel better. It’s a way we can connect, and instantly feel closer to one another, and sometimes that’s all it takes.


I’ve learned…to not sweat the small stuff. Something I have learned and am still learning! I like to keep our living space clean and tidy and when it’s not, I get antsy. I grow annoyed, and sometimes it just gets to me. I’m learned to let things be, to not let small stuff annoy me. It’s okay if the dishes aren’t done, and the house isn’t clean before Monday morning rolls around. Marriage is all about adapting, and I’m learning how to do just that.


Overall, I am still in such disbelief that Dustin and I have been married for one year today. It’s crazy. We’ve been through so many ups and downs together, best friends for years, and now life partners. This first year of marriage has been a beautiful transition, and I’m so happy to see and wonder where life will take us in the next few years.


Are you married? What is the biggest lesson you have learned from marriage?

Hey friend–I’m Laura, the Writer behind This Northern Native

Hey friend–I’m Laura, the Writer behind This Northern Native

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